• Hole #1 | 269 yards | Par 4

      This straight away par 4 is guarded by an out of bounds fence along the whole left side of the hole.  The two front green side bunkers can be reached by long hitters from the tee.  There is a no mow area on the right side between holes one and two.  A fairly easy par 4 to get your round started.

    • Featured Hole: Hole #2 | 490 yards | Par 5

      This is a great scoring opportunity for birdie or eagle on this par 5 early in the round.  A straight away tee shot turns into a downhill dogleg left on your second shot.  Wind direction on your tee shot can play big in getting to the green in two shots.  Hitting the  ball down the middle to left side of the fairway will give you your best chance for getting home in two.  Two bunkers 20 yards short of the green can come into play for those hitting long shots into this front to back slightly sloping green. 

    • Hole #3 | 345 yards | Par 4

      From the back tees, this dogleg right hole, can be tight out of the chute, with the right side of the tee stations guarded by a row of trees including a willow tree that is quick to catch balls leaking to the right too soon.  Hitting a nice tee shot down the middle or a tad left to right will leave you in prime position for a short approach shot.  Long hitters that go for the green off the tee could find themselves in a no mow area short and right of the green. 

    • Hole #4 | 334 yards | Par 4

      There is plenty of room down the middle for your tee shot on this par 4.  However, leak it right and you most likely will leave yourself with a position shot to get back in play.  A huge tree about 90 yards short and right from the green plus another tree atop the hill short and right of the green will catch a lot of balls going for the green on your second shot from the right rough.  There is plenty of room left but too far left and you'll end up in a pond about 200 yards from the tee.  The approach shot usually requires an extra club to reach this elevated green, one of the tallest ridges on a golf course in this area.  Hole 4 has one of the largest greens on the course and it slopes from back to front.  A touchy putt when the pin is located anywhere near the front part of the green.

    • Featured Hole: Hole #5 | 162 yards | Par 3

      This no hazard par 3 offers its own challenges because of the layout.  A pesky tree about half the distance to the green and sits at the bottom of the valley between two hills along the left side tends to catch most golf balls headed that direction.  Clear the tree and the valley, you should give yourself a great chance at par.  A ball that leaks right however will probably end up at the bottom of the hill down by hole 6 leaving a blind pitch shot back to the green.  A great hole that also looks down over the next hole along the Maumee River.

    • Hole #6 | 468 yards | Par 5

      A great eagle opportunity awaits you on this hole once you clear the tree lined tee shot.  Trees along the Maumee River on the left side of this hole run the first 225 yards.  The tee shot opens up along the right side after the first 150 yards placing a premium on your tee shot.  Once you are clear of the trees and avoid the Sycamore tree on the right side of the fairway about 225 yards out, the rest of the hole opens up for a clear approach shot. 

    • Hole #7 | 325 yards | Par 4

      This fairly straight par 4 will want you aiming down the middle to right side to protect from the out-of-bounds that runs the entire left side of the hole.  Once you hit your tee shot to the large landing area down the fairway, you will leave yourself with a nice approach shot into a green that is guarded by a greenside bunker short and right of the green.  Out-of-bounds hugs the green also on the left side about 15 feet from the green.  An easy hole to par, but golfers can make this hole harder than it should be.

    • Hole #8 | 285 yards | Par 4

      A short risk/reward par 4. Most golfers will use their drivers to try and drive this slightly elevated green.  While there is no hazard on this hole, there is out-of-bounds tight along the whole left side of the hole. Leak right too soon and you'll catch some trees close to the tee.  A ball that ends up in the right rough is the best mistake to make here.  Even though there are some sparse trees along the right side for the first 185 yards, you mostly likely will have a shot at the green or near it for an up and down. 

    • Featured Hole: Hole #9 | 175 yards | Par 3

      A signature hole, this par 3 is the number one handicap hole for a reason.  A pond runs along the left side of the hole and then runs between the tee and green (you can't see it from the tee) requiring golfers to carry their tee shot over the water for a chance to hit the green.  There are options to avoid the water.  Players can lay up short and leave themselves with a full pitch shot into the green, or they can play around the right side of the pond and leave themselves with an approach clear of an any water.  Once you have reached the green, there is no guarantee of a two putt.  This big green slopes from back to front leaving for some long and winding putts.  And to make things a bit harder, there is out-of-bounds on the other side of the pond if you clear the pond but pull the tee shot too soon leaving you to face this tee shot again. You'll feel accomplished coming away with a par on this hole.

    • Hole #10 | 262 yards | Par 4

      This hole is another great opportunity to get your back nine off to a great start.  A wide open tee shot into an open green gives golfers a great chance at birdie or even eagle for those who drive the green or near it.  The out-of-bound along the left side of the hole is far enough left that it shouldn't come into play.  Lose a ball to the right, no problem, hole 18 runs along hole 10 and without many trees, allows you a chance to hit the green in regulation.  There is a greenside bunker, but it sits on the right side of the hole.  The challenge for this hole is the narrow green.  Approaching the green from the left or right side does not leave a lot of green to hit.  The best angle to this green is short and front of the green. 

    • Hole #11 | 114 yards | Par 3

      One of four par threes on the back nine, they all have their own beautiful characteristics and present a challenge on the tee shot.  This par 3 is a downhill short iron shot.  The green is nestled in a wooded area with a deep creek right in front of the green.  A precise tee shot will give you an advantage over your playing partners. 

    • Featured Hole: Hole #12 | 122 yards | Par 3

      This hole is a simple straight away little par 3 that has a small pond in front of the green. The pond was renovated in the fall of 2014.  It was dug deeper and bit wider on the right side.  A rock wall was also built during the renovation that separates the green from the pond.  Granite lettering "Pond-A-River" was built into the rock wall to give this hole a brand new and exciting look for the 2015 season!

    • Hole #13 | 235 yards | Par 4

      This short little par 4 is a unique hole that is fun and challenging.  Golfers must carry their tee shot about 130 yards over a winding creek that eventually runs along the right side of the hole.  Best bet is to play a short to mid iron to the tight fairway that will leave you with a pitch shot to an elevated green. The tall cottonwoods that line the left side of the hole along the creek can be your best friend or enemy.  They will keep balls from finding the creek but they can also know down a straight shot that was heading toward the green.  A great golf hole!  Also, quite a sight to be standing on the green and looking back down over the fairway and holes 11 and 12 in the distance.

    • Hole #14 | 225 yards | Par 4

      You cannot see the green from the tee, but it doesn't mean that you can't get there in one shot.  However, the best way to play this hole is to hit your tee shot from the elevated tee station to the landing area below, playing about a 100-110 yard shot.  Then from there you will be left with a short yardage into an elevated green.  There is not a whole lot of room for error left or right of the fairway for your tee shot. There are woods to left and a creek to the right.  Your approach shot will have to cross this creek as well.  Again, not much room for error to the left or right side of the green.  Missing the green on either side will leave you with a difficult up and down shot.  Again, another great golf hole requiring precision and patience!

    • Featured Hole: Hole #15 | 138 yards | Par 3

      A beautiful par 3!  The tee and green are both elevated above a creek below.  The green is guarded by a steep hill that prevents any short shots from reaching the green.  Woods along the right side force golfers to play a straight or left to right shot into the green.  Go over the green and you'll likely find yourself in Ohio. The road behind this hole is the Indiana/Ohio state line.

    • Hole #16 | 148 yards | Par 3

      Again, the tee and green are both elevated above a creek below. The green is very undulated, sloping back down the hill and is fairly narrow. Woods and a creek run up the left side and is also protected by a small bunker on the front left of the green. The same woods that ran along the right side of Hole #15's tee shot comes into play off the tee here, as well. Both woods and a steep bank off the left forces you to hit a straight or left-to-right shot off the tee.


    • Hole #17 | 238 yards | Par 4

      A very drivable par 4, with many obstacles in the way! There are trees that line the front of the tee box and a pond just in front that creates a very interesting tee shot. A pond runs down most of the left side and a woods behind the green. Too far to the right off the tee will result back by Hole #14's green and/or the creek. A nice bunker lines the green on the left side , which causes you to hit a straight tee shot. 

    • Featured Hole: Hole #18 | 450 yards | Par 5

      A great finishing hole and a scoring opportunity on this 450 yard par 5! A 90 degree dog leg to the left plays well into the golfer with a nice soaring draw. If you're a long ball hitter then this is the time to score by going over the entirety of the pond will put a nice wedge in your hand for your second shot. A woods and creek runs down the right side until the bend and two bunkers surround the green. The bunker on the right protects the green if you happen to drive through the fairway and the deep pot bunker on the left can give you a challenge to get out. The green is sloping and very narrow, so make sure you aim for the middle to ease your chance at two putts or less.